Ladies are always calling in and asking, "What are your prices?"
Most have never done these kinds of images before and they really don't know exactly what they are wanting.
    I have found in 29 years in the business that giving them a price results in;
1: Too expensive! I can get pictures for $??at Sears or Walmart.
2: Too Cheap! There is no way you can be any good charging no more than that.
    Well, I am not a huge department store! They don't even do the kind of work I do.
Neither am I aiming at the super elite class. I want my services to be affordable to the average housewife who wants the perfect gift for her special someone.  
    So instead of putting prices here, let me just say; Call me, come in and look at my work.
If you like the work, describe what you are wanting from the photo session.
    Do this and I promise that I will do my best to get you exactly what you want at a price that you can afford.

I am not trying to get rich, I am trying to create art that will live long after I am gone.